With more and more e-Governance projects being rolled out on daily basis, governments world over have started looking at Cloud as an alternative platform for hosting e-Governance services.  There is an uptrend to use Cloud to increase the coverage. As rapid developments around new and innovative cloud offerings come from the technology providers, more innovative initiatives are being planned using Cloud.

elets CloudGov 2014 is an effort to provide a platform to the major stakeholders of the Cloud technology to discuss and debate the emergence and viability of the Cloud services in India, especially the government sector.

Besides Cloud Computing, various other technologies are also emerging in the enterprise space. Technologies like Big Data, Business Intelligence, Analytics, Virtualization, Mobility, Disaster Recovery and many others have already taken a giant leap in the Indian enterprises and making their way into the governance, BFSI, education and healthcare sectors.

elets CloudGov 2014 is comprised of Conference, Awards and Expo. The conference will be built up with rounds of discussion on the implementation of Cloud technologies. The awards will recognize the successful innovations, initiatives and implementations with regard to Cloud and other related technologies. The Expo will give an opportunity to the stakeholders to showcase their successful Cloud services and demonstrate products.