Discussion Themes

Cloud & Virtualization

How using the Cloud can be secure, cost saving, and pave way for rapid application deployment

Very often, government agencies find disconnects in the core processes, applications, or data that limit their ability to address citizens’ and decision makers’ needs. Also, these agencies are looking at opportunities to leverage cloud and virtualization technologies that connect agency stovepipes. This session will discuss the shift to shared services, Application Trends (Commodity IT and Financial Systems) and the latest trends in government use of cloud and virtualization.

Big Data and Business Intelligence

Learn from agencies that are devising ways to acquire modern work tools spawned by big data analytics.

Terabytes and petabytes of data are useless if the data cannot be used for achieving agency missions. One aspect of the issue is the different versions of the data available to officials when they need it for timely decisions. It’s becoming nearly impossible to get the real insights and figure out which version of the data is authoritative.  Another part of the issue is how to put together pieces of data to analyze the past and make future inferences about the impact of policy and program changes. This session will provide case study insights to participants on how to use big data and predictive analytics to improve forecasting and mission performance.


Navigate the risks of reduced budgets and archaic technology in times of growing cyber threats.

Threats to government, both internal and external, have dominated cybersecurity attacks. These threats to government data aren’t simply from malicious outsiders; in fact two widely publicized major breaches have come from privileged users. The Cybersecurity session will help participants get beyond temporary solutions to prevent and manage their internal and external risks.

Records & Information Management

Sharing knowledge on digitization to the archival of the data

What exactly is a record? This is not an easy question. Records and Information Management (RIM) initiatives have become priorities. In the RIM session, a panel will discuss how to manage the flood of information in an era of BYOD and provide insights on policy implementations, lessons learned, and the landmines that have affected agencies in the past.

Future Government Technologies

Opportunities & challenges with the emergence of newer technologies

This session will discuss about the newer technologies in the government space. The panel will talk about the emergence of new technologies and their implications. Along with the plethora of opportunities, the new technologies also carry a tack of challenges with them. These opportunities and challenges faced by the stakeholders will be discussed in the session.

Mobile Government

Time to bring government on to mobile

Mobile world is moving so fast around governments that it would be nearly impossible to set up constraining policies to abide by. A mobile workforce needs flexibility despite necessary regulatory restraints. Nonetheless, agencies must become more agile as BYOD has become a part of everyday life. Officials need to understand strategies and priorities for developing a mobile workforce. The Mobile Government event will present before the agencies realistic, current policy approaches in the light of today’s workforce and policy needs.